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Our Products

Products from Trisha Feeds Include Only Poultry Feed

Though most organization provide many types of feed for different animals, we believe in doing one thing extremely well. This is why we only provide our customers with poultry feed for their poultry farms or for any farm that has poultry. Trisha Feeds knows that all animals deserve to have the best feed, but we also realize that manufacturing of too many different types of feed can be difficult, as well.

Just like many farmers prefer only to have one or two types of animals that they care for and understand, we also prefer only to offer feed for one type of animal. This allows us to become specialized in the needs of one particular animal, as it can be difficult to manufacture multiple types of feed.

Our Products

We provide quality products so that poultry can thrive and provide sustenance to others in India. We hope that through our feed, Indians will have plenty to eat and that no one will be hungry. Though meat is not the only part of a well-balanced diet, protein is crucial to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Protein helps the body create nails and hair and is found in every cell.
  • Repairing and building tissue is impossible without protein.
  • Protein is used by the body to create necessary chemicals.
  • Helps build muscles, bones, skin, blood and cartilage.

Protein-rich diets will also help reduce the loss of muscle, help with weight management, curb hunger and so much more. Therefore, we believe that feeding poultry the best available food will help farmers feed their families and their region.

We have three types of chicken feed available that we manufacture, including:

  • Finisher
  • Starter
  • Pre-Starter

Each type of feed is given at different times in a chicken’s life to ensure healthy growth and promote the tenderest meat. Chicken is sometimes considered the driest meat available in the market and we feel it is because the poultry wasn’t feed properly. Therefore, we offer a pre-starter, which is given for the first 14 days of the chicken’s life. It offers extra hydration and nutrients needed. The starter is given for about two weeks and includes certain medications to help prevent infection and disease. However, to ensure that the medication will not be in the meat later, a finisher feed is also provided that doesn’t include medication and should be given after about four weeks.

What We Offer

We offer good and healthy feed for your poultry that will sustain your birds and provide you with fine specimens to slaughter and sell for meat. Visit our About Us to learn more about what we do and why we do it.

Performance of Trisha Feeds

Age in Days Cumulative Body Weight (Gram) Cumulative Feed Consumption (Grams) *F.C.R.
7 180 153 0.85
14 425 489 1.15
21 800 1040 1.30
28 1250 1813 1.45
35 1750 2800 1.60
38 2000 3300 1.65
*The above performance is under standard management conditions and may differ on quality of chicks.

Varities and Consumptions of Trisha Feeds

Feed Varities Days Feed Consumption (Grams) Grade Protein (Minimum) Moisture
Pre-Starter 0-14 500 22% 11%
Starter 15-28 1400 20% 11%
Finisher 29 onward 1400 18.5% 11%

Trisha Feed’s Features

  1. Pelleted highly digestible feed
  2. Adequate essential nutrients in feed
  3. Guranted Superior Perfomence
  4. Lowet Production Cost
  5. Higher Profit for Farmer

Trisha Feed’s Benefits

  1. Lower FCR
  2. Faster Growth
  3. Lower Mortality Rates
  4. Highly Digestibile
  5. Healthy & Uniform Flocks
  6. Better Gut Health
  7. Early Maturity


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