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Why You Should Consider Trisha Feeds

Trisha Feeds was formed to ensure that every chicken on every farm in India should have healthy feed that will aid in the growth and prevent disease. Chickens tend to have very high disease ratios, whether due to poor living conditions or poor diet. We, at Trisha Feeds, aim to reduce the amount of chickens that die from a disease, as they are unprofitable to farms and those in need of food.

Whether you are new to poultry farming or have been doing it for many years, you need wholesome nutrition for your poultry to ensure they grow healthy and strong and can fetch you a good price once they are meant for food. Trisha Feeds can help you with this. We want India’s farmers to grow and build their farms to enormous heights, providing food for them, India at large and even overseas. We believe this is possible and we want to be part of it. Our feed is appropriate for all stages of poultry’s life, from beginning to end.


Our Vision is to be India’s household name in poultry feed and to continue promoting healthy poultry for consumption in India that will nourish Indians and keep them healthy, as well.


Our Mission is to provide healthy and nutritious feed at lowest cost to the farmers that use our products. We do this by specializing in one type of feed only, that offers three different options for the differing growths of the poultry itself, including:

  • Pre-starter
  • Starter
  • Finisher

What We Offer

Though we only feed chickens, we understand that many Indian people eat poultry as their base meat each day, so we realize that the feed we manufacture must be of the highest quality so that the chickens and other poultry grow healthy and strong and can supply food to the rest of the nation.

We offer safe feed for every stage of a chicken’s life and we use proper quality control procedures to make sure that only the best ingredients are used.

If you have an inquiry, please contact us at your earliest convenience so that we can answer your questions and satisfy your concerns.


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Ground Floor, Hotel Yoga Building,
Purani Bazar, Lakhisarai,
Bihar - 811311
Phone: 707-007-8810
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