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Trisha Feeds Provides Quality Poultry Food

Trisha Feeds is considered a household name in the industry of poultry feed in many parts of India. We began our journey with Trisha Feeds, which is one of the largest manufacturers of poultry feeds in India. Because we use automation in our manufacturing activities, you can be assured that your poultry will have the best nutrition possible and will grow and develop at a faster pace.

Types of Feed

We specialize in feed for poultry and believe that our specialization makes us unique in the poultry feed business. Many organizations provide multiple feeds for many animals but we think that keeping our organization to one animal allows us to make the best feed for that one particular animal. This is beneficial to the farmer because you know the poultry feed you purchase from us will be made specifically for chickens and will only contain those ingredients fit for poultry.

    Our poultry feeds include:
  • Pre-starter in the form of crumbles
  • Starter in the form of crumbles
  • Finisher in the form of crumbles

What We Offer

We simply offer a healthy and nutritional feed for all of your broilers poultry. We follow all the regulations and rules to ensure that our products adhere to strict guidelines set forth by law.

We know that farmers put a lot of their faith in their feed manufacturers, so if you have any worries, you can call us at 7070078810 or email us at We are available to help you in every possible way.


Ground Floor, Hotel Yoga Building,
Purani Bazar, Lakhisarai,
Bihar - 811311
Phone: 707-007-8810
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